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Online courses at RBC equip you to know, serve, and worship God in all of life. You can even earn a Certificate in Theology.


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Tuition and Fee Breakdown

Semester Enrollment Fee

  • 1 class

    $100 enrollment fee

  • 2-3 classes

    $200 enrollment fee

  • 4-5 classes

    $300 enrollment fee

Semester Tuition

  • 1 class (3 credits)


  • 2 classes (6 credits)


  • 3 classes (9 credits)


  • 4 classes (12 credits)


  • 5 classes (15 credits)


Your Experience

By taking online courses at RBC, you will grow in your knowledge of Scripture, develop a Christian worldview, and learn how to defend the gospel. You will participate in live classes, interact directly with professors and classmates, and earn college credit from the comfort of your home. Miss something your professor said? You’ll have the opportunity to watch recorded lectures at your convenience.

Theology for Life

Earn Your Certificate

In addition to taking courses for personal growth and enrichment, you can earn a Certificate in Theology by completing eight online courses from RBC. Students pursuing this certificate are invited to participate in our annual Commencement exercises, and online students can select the course load that best fits their schedule each semester.


Academic Calendar

Fall 2023

  • August 9

    Final Day to Register for Classes

  • August 14

    First Day of Classes

  • August 18

    Last Day to Add/Drop Classes

  • August 18

    First Installment Tuition Payment Due

  • September 4

    Labor Day (No Class)

  • September 15


  • October 2-6

    Fall Break

  • October 13

    Final Day to Withdraw with a 'W'

  • October 13

    Final Installment Tuition Payment Due

  • October 30-November 10

    Returning Student Registration Period

  • November 3

    Final Day to Withdraw from Program

  • November 13-November 17

    Reading Days

  • November 21-24

    Thanksgiving Break

  • December 1

    Final Day of Classes

  • December 4-8

    Final Examinations

  • December 22

    Grades Available to Students

Spring 2024

  • January 10

    Final Day to Register for Classes

  • January 15

    First Day of Classes

  • January 19

    Last Day to Add/Drop Classes

  • January 19

    First Installment Tuition Payment Due

  • January 19-20

    Winter Conference

  • February 26-March 1

    Spring Break

  • March 15

    Final Day to Withdraw with a 'W'

  • March 15

    Final Installment Tuition Payment Due

  • March 15

    Intent to Graduate Due

  • March 27-April 2

    Easter Break

  • April 5

    Final Day to Withdraw from Program

  • April 22-26

    Reading Days

  • May 3

    Final Day of Classes

  • May 6-10

    Final Examinations

  • May 10


  • May 24

    Grades Available to Students

Online and Affordable

When you study online with RBC, you can lay a solid theological groundwork for your life without incurring significant college debt. Individual courses are an affordable cost, allowing you to launch into your calling without financial burden. For students completing their Certificate in Theology, we have a flexible payment plan in order to spread the cost over the semester.

Theology for Life

Your Future

After finishing your online coursework with RBC, you will be better equipped with timeless truths for timely service, whatever the Lord has called you to do. You also have the option of transferring these credits to one of our on-campus degree programs.

Invest in an affordable education rooted in uncompromised truth that will serve you for a lifetime.


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