April 09

Announcing Our 2021 Essay Contest Winners

As Martin Luther and the other Reformers responded to the crisis of authority in their day by declaring sola Scriptura, the essays for our 2021 Essay Contest...

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November 02

“Here I Stand”: 2021 Essay Contest

This coming April marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s trial at the Diet of Worms. In the presence of the emperor, the nobility of Germany, and a hos...

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September 11

Want to Join the RBC Family? Enroll for Spring 2021.

Enrollment for the 2021 spring semester is now open. We invite prospective students to register for an upcoming [Preview Day Live webinar](https://reformationb...

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January 14

Win a Scholarship: 2020 Essay Contest

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Essay Contest. This year’s topic is the sufficiency of Scripture. The winner of the contest will receive a full scholarship...

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June 18

Announcing Our 2019 Essay Contest Winners

For this year’s essay contest, RBC challenged students to present a well-defined apologetic and answer the question, “Why must Christians be always ready to d...

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April 17

Announcing Our 2020 Essay Contest Winners

This year, students were challenged to answer the question “Why is Scripture sufficient for life and godliness?” in a 4,500-word essay for the opportunity to w...

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