April 21

RBC Spotlight: Dr. Matthew Dudreck, Associate Professor of New Testament

We recently sat down with Dr. Dudreck to ask him about his life, faith, and work at RBC. When and how did you come to faith in Christ? I was raised in a nomi...
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April 14

You’re Invited to Our 2021 Commencement Exercises

With thanksgiving to God, we are pleased to announce our 2021 commencement exercises to be held on Friday, May 7, 2021, at Saint Andrew’s Chapel. We cordially...
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April 09

Announcing Our 2021 Essay Contest Winners

As Martin Luther and the other Reformers responded to the crisis of authority in their day by declaring sola Scriptura, the essays for our 2021 Essay Contest c...
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March 31

The Top 7 Books to Read before You Graduate High School

Written by Dr. Keith Mathison, professor of systematic theology at Reformation Bible College In our current age, it is evident that graduating high school stu...
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March 24

Student Life at RBC

Written by David Wooten, director of student services at Reformation Bible College. Reformation Bible College is more than a campus. It is a community. Studen...
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March 16

RBC Alumni Highlight: Catherine Upton

Catherine is a senior earning a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies at Reformation Bible College. She began to feel a calling to the mission field while she...
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