Education with a lasting purpose.

We seek to equip students in the knowledge of God and His holiness, that they may glorify and enjoy Him in any career they enter.


Flagship Program

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The B.A. in Theology is our flagship program. The curriculum provides all students with a guided tour through the Reformed classical tradition, covering everything from biblical studies and church history, to philosophy and literature. This degree lays the theological groundwork for students called to any ministry or vocation, from the pastorate and missions, to medicine and law.

Biblical Studies, Traditional Track

This major emphasizes Greek, Hebrew, ancient cultures, hermeneutics, church history, and theology.

Biblical Studies, Accelerated Track

This track offers students a direct path to a Master of Divinity at seminaries like Westminster Theological Seminary and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can earn a B.A. and M.Div. in six years while saving time and money, and without compromising the quality of your education.

Christian Thought

This major emphasizes history, philosophy, literature, logic, and writing, while building upon a rich theological core curriculum.

Specialty Programs

Foundation Year

A one-year certificate providing a solid theological foundation for a career or further education in another discipline.

Associate of Arts in Theology

A two-year associate’s degree providing a theological framework for a career or further education in another discipline.

Degree Completion

A two-year program that enables students to transfer credits from another institution and complete a bachelor’s degree, rounding out their learning with theological studies.

Dual Enrollment & Audit

Are you a high school student interested in free college classes? Ask about our Dual Enrollment program. Adults are also welcome to audit classes for a reduced rate. Apply today.

Academic Calendar

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

  • August 16

    New Student Orientation

  • August 19

    First Day of Classes

  • August 23

    Tuition & Fees Due

  • August 30

    Last Day to Add/Drop Classes

  • September 2

    Labor Day

  • October 7-11

    Fall Break

  • October 18

    Final Day to Withdraw

  • November 26-29

    Thanksgiving Break

  • December 2-6

    Reading Days

  • December 9-13

    Final Exams

  • January 10

    New Student Orientation

  • January 13

    First Day of Classes

  • January 17

    Tuition & Fees Due

  • January 20

    Winter Conference

  • January 24

    Last Day to Add/Drop Classes

  • March 2-6

    Spring Break

  • March 13

    Final Day to Withdraw

  • March 19-21

    Ligonier National Conference

  • April 5

    Final Day to Withdraw

  • April 8-14

    Easter Break

  • April 24

    Final Day of Classes

  • April 27-May 1

    Reading Days

  • May 4–7

    Final Exams

  • May 8


“You may be called to be a pastor or missionary—or even the best physicist or economist that God has ever put on the earth. But whatever you do, get the knowledge of God as the foundation for whatever God calls you to.”
Dr. R.C. Sproul, First President


RBC is not accredited. R.C. Sproul’s founding vision for the school was that it would be faithful for generations to come. We endeavor for long-term faithfulness through keeping a small faculty and maintaining the freedom to shape our curriculum, ensuring that every student receives a true liberal arts education with a biblical and theological emphasis.

Our expectations for student work and our academic standards in every class are extremely high. Leading seminaries throughout the world stand by the caliber of our students and the rigor of our curriculum and are eager to accept our graduates into their programs. To explore the implications of accreditation and your plans, please contact our Admissions team.