History of Christianity I

Course Description

Dr. John Tweeddale will guide you through early and medieval church history and pose the challenge to consider the importance of ancient paths for your Christian beliefs, practices, and worship today. You’ll consider the story of Christianity from the close of the New Testament to the eve of the Reformation.

About the Instructor

Dr. John W. Tweeddale is vice president of academics and professor of theology at Reformation Bible College. He is also a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America and a fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He previously served as senior associate editor of Tabletalk magazine, as senior pastor of First Reformed Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, and as adjunct professor of systematic and historical theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He earned his M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Miss., and his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is author of John Owen and Hebrews and coeditor of John Calvin: For a New Reformation and the T&T Clark Handbook of John Owen.

A Letter From the Instructor

Dear Student,

Warm greetings from RBC. I’m so very delighted that you are interested in taking a course on the history of Christianity. One of the things I love about studying church history with students at RBC is that we are able to learn theology by example. This is especially true for a course on the early and medieval church. From Athanasius, we learn how to defend the deity of Jesus Christ. From Augustine, we learn, among many other things, what it means to love God. From Anselm, we learn how faith pursues understanding. And from Aquinas, we learn about the nature and purpose of sacred doctrine. With so much to learn, why wouldn’t you take this course?

Every blessing in Christ, Dr. Tweeddale