Your Hope Is Only as Good as Your Anchor Is

Posted On August 26, 2016


At Reformation Bible College, it’s the second week of the fall semester, and students are already deep into rigorous reading schedules and class assignments. By way of encouragement, Dr. Stephen Nichols reassured new students at chapel that these moments of difficulty at college make us more dependent upon God’s grace. In the end, we make it through college—and indeed, through all of life’s challenges—by God’s grace and ultimately for His glory.

RBCOrientation2016-50Echoing this theme, chapel speaker Rev. Joel Fick, pastor at Redemption Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Gainesville, Fla., pointed to Christ as our anchor through the storm (Heb. 6:19). “Life is hard. We follow this pattern of suffering to glory. When trials come, when storms come, hold fast to that anchor,” he said, because “your hope is only as good as your anchor is.”