Why I Chose RBC: Olivia Sulek

Posted On February 28, 2024

From a young age, Olivia Sulek knew she wanted to pursue a career in a high-intensity fitness program. Instead of attending college, she even moved to South Florida from her hometown in Ohio to train under a new coach.

Shortly after moving to Florida, Olivia’s coach invited her to join a Bible study, where he was utilizing Dr. R.C. Sproul’s expositional commentary on the book of John. While Olivia thought she had moved to advance her career, it soon became clear that God had a completely different purpose in bringing her to Florida.

“As I continued to grow and mature in Christ, I saw the trivialness of the sport that I was pursuing,” said Olivia. “Pursuing my fitness program at the level I did led me into temptation and thought patterns that were not Christlike.”

As Olivia began to learn about the doctrines of grace and the particulars of Reformed theology, she began to be convinced that she needed to submit her life and future to the Lord.

“I didn’t know what it looked like, but I wanted to live my life in full obedience and submission to Christ, who chose me solely by His grace. What I did know, though, was that what I was pursuing was not the place for me to do that.”

Olivia stepped away from the sport, losing both her sense of identity and her plans for the future all at once. A few months later, wondering what the Lord had next for her, she sat with members of her church community at Ligonier’s national conference. An advertisement for Reformation Bible College appeared on the screen, prompting her to contact our Admissions team for more information the moment she returned to her hotel room.

“In South Florida, I had the best friends I could have ever imagined. My biggest hesitation in coming north to RBC was leaving the people who pointed me to Christ and His beauty,” Olivia shared. “However, I knew that staying for them would mean missing this important opportunity. And those people loved me so much that they wouldn’t let me stay either. It was clear where God was calling me.”

Just a few short months later, Olivia found herself in the classroom at RBC, beginning her Associate of Arts in Theology. Though she was overwhelmed at first, she soon began to create relationships with students, staff, and faculty who encouraged her in her work and helped her succeed.

“My schoolwork along with a new environment led me into an increased dependence on our Savior. The professors at RBC also helped in this pursuit, as they emphasized that the most important thing is not our success in school but our conformity to Christ.”

As Olivia continues her education at RBC, she is able to look back with gratitude at the Lord’s faithfulness in her life: “I can say with confidence that the Lord was always by my side, guiding me and conforming me into the image of His Son. I am so grateful for RBC, not just for the increased knowledge I have about Reformed theology, but for the increase of love and awe I have for my Savior.”

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