Why Come to Preview Day?

Posted On March 02, 2018

In an age when limitless information is accessible at our fingertips, where we can research ideas and read reviews before we even decide where to eat dinner, what place does the Preview Day at our brick and mortar campus have? Perhaps you feel unsure about your future education plans and wonder, why schedule a visit when you can look at RBC’s website and get the feel of the college for yourself? As an RBC student and admissions representative who has attended multiple Preview Days, I say, come! It’s a time when we not only show you our beautiful campus but also share something valuable with you.

Every Preview Day I have attended has left me walking away grateful that I am currently a student at RBC. Why? Because of the clear presentation of our college’s love for God, love for others, and love for theology. During Preview Day, you will see RBC’s vision for their students in action as you attend classes, meet our professors, and hear about the future plans for our college. Our faculty truly believe in discipleship, and they prioritize taking time to meet with students and share their lives with us. You will be able to talk with our Professor of Systematic Theology professor, Dr. Keith Mathison, about his love for J.R.R. Tolkien, or hear the story of our Academic Dean and Professor of Theology, Dr. John Tweeddale, boxing with Muhammad Ali.

In addition to meeting our caring and invested faculty, you will get to talk with RBC students and get a feel for what their daily lives are like. RBC students have the rare opportunity not only to learn about theologians like Saint Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, but read their original works too. During a typical day at RBC, you will hear students discussing their favorite theologians and topics of debate, observe students gathered together to pray, and see different students come together in friendship because they have a love for the gospel in common. Yes, being an RBC student is filled with writing papers and reading (what feels like) an endless number of books, but it is also filled with lasting friendships, growing your faith, and cultivating hope for the reason you believe. RBC produces kind and genuine students because the theology we learn as students has impacted us on a personal level. When you visit RBC, you will have a chance to see the theology our faculty teaches in action through our fun yet astute student body.

As you look to attend a Bible college and seek to strengthen your theological foundation, you want to be sure that the institution practices what it preaches. Coming to our Preview Day allows you to get a taste of what your next four years of college may be like: discussing theology with professors, meeting like-minded people your age, and growing your knowledge of Christ. Come and seize the opportunity to experience our campus and see why RBC could be the best college for you.

Whether you have decided on attending RBC or are still unsure, come experience our campus and see why RBC could be the best college for you—a college that has shaped me and so many other students for the glory of God. We want to encourage you, fellowship with you, and offer you the chance to see how the Lord is using RBC for His Kingdom.

By Lydia Brandenburg, a sophomore student at Reformation Bible College.