What Is RBC’s House System?

Posted On August 21, 2023

3840x2160 RBC Blog What Is RBCs House System

The classical house system at Reformation Bible College exists to help students build relationships and foster community through friendly competition, events, and service to the college and our surrounding community.

Upon enrollment at RBC, students are assigned to one of our four houses. All of the houses take their names from a significant figure in church history: Luther, Calvin, Edwards, and Spurgeon. To unite students around a common identity, each house also bears a unique theme verse, hymn, quote from the house namesake, and values.

“The house system at RBC has allowed me to develop friendships with my classmates. The house system is not only great at fostering interscholastic competition but also a deep connection between members of the houses.” —Maria, Sophomore

Every house is overseen by a professor who serves as house regent, a student president, and a student vice president. These roles provide students with practical opportunities to develop leadership and organizational skills, cultivate hearts of Christian service, and practice working alongside teammates. House leadership plays an important part in planning upcoming events and service opportunities for students, including helping at food banks, crisis pregnancy centers, and local churches.

“The house system is great because it helps us come together as one college of students serving Christ. It’s a blessing to have fun as we serve God together!” —Ethan, Sophomore

Throughout the academic year, students work to earn points for their house. Points can be gained through participation and competing in house events. Once a year, the house field day brings the student body together for friendly competition in a variety of sports and activities, such as tug-of-war. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is officially recorded as the year’s champion.

“I love the team spirit each house brings. Whether it’s at an event, competition, or after chapel, I love hearing each house show enthusiasm through their chants and reactions in the moment. Even though we have individual team spirit in each of our houses, each event allows us to join in the fun together.” —Camille, Senior

While our houses host events throughout the year for their own house members, such as beach trips or hymn sings, each house also hosts an event for the entire student body. Luther House hosts a Reformation Day celebration, Calvin House hosts a formal ball, Edwards House hosts an arts and film festival, and Spurgeon House hosts a spring garden party. Students look forward to these house traditions every year as they provide opportunities to share memories in a trusted Christian community.

“Planning events, competing, and enjoying fellowship with my fellow Edwards House members was a consistent joy during my time at RBC. I know that I will treasure my memories of being in the house system for the rest of my life.” —Ben, 2023 Graduate

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