Abide: Turning from Envy

Posted On October 26, 2016

Ligonier Ministries President Chris Larson recently spoke at Abide, the Reformation Bible College student fellowship group, on the topic of envy. Basing his talk on the tenth commandment, Mr. Larson explored how coveting leads us away from God and eventually into breaking the other commandments. Coveting and envy have the potential to create divides, driving wedges into our relationships with God and with one another. While we might be tempted to treat our envy as a minor sin, we must realize that whatever sin we commit, even if it is only internal envy, is still horrid and vile in the eyes of God. Mr. Larson encouraged us in our struggle with this sin by pointing us to Christ, in whom we discover fullness and contentment.

— Matt Gibson is a student at Reformation Bible College.