Theology Transforming the Heart

Posted On November 09, 2016

Professor John Tweeddale challenged the students recently at Abide, the Reformation Bible College student fellowship group, not to “normalize Christ.” According to Professor Tweeddale, we must treat the Bible as a “love letter,” since it is meant to help us know God and Christ. It is where we find the living God who through Christ gives us life. Sometimes as Christians, we allow holy things to become ordinary, especially as students of theology. Because we are Christians and image bearers of the living God, we are called to know and love God even in the mundane things of life. Unfortunately, because of the effects of sin, we do not know and love God as we ought. So we need Christ more than we can fathom and the Scriptures more than we know.

The Bible is about the supremacy of Christ as the eternal Son of God. In Hebrews 1:1–4, we see the supremacy of Christ in revelation by the superiority and finality of God’s revelation in Christ. In these four verses, two revelations are being compared but one is superior, and that is God’s revelation in Christ. If we have Christ, there is no need for any other types of revelation, for through Christ He reveals and redeems. What we find in Christ exceeds what we can gain in this world.