The Undergraduate Programs at Reformation Bible College

Posted On September 14, 2010

The core curriculum of the Undergraduate degree programs (Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts) at Reformation Bible College is specially designed to pass on the historic Christian faith of our Reformed forebears to our children and the generations that follow them.

We at RBC are convinced that literacy in theology and history is necessary for a mature knowledge of Scripture and a discerning engagement with the world.  Thus, all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts degree program will take 26 three-hour required courses (78 credit hours) in four areas:  the content of the books of Scripture, the system of doctrine taught in Scripture, the history of the church, and the great works of literature, philosophy, and music.

We believe that this curriculum, with its emphasis on the coherence of biblical revelation and of the Christian worldview, will give Christ’s disciples the grounding needed for lives and vocations that glorify God and foster continual reformation.