The Core Curriculum in the B.A. Programs at Reformation Bible College

Posted On October 05, 2010

We at Reformation Bible College desire to see all our college students gain a mature knowledge of Scripture and a readiness to engage the world with discernment. For this reason, all of our students will study in four departments, each in dialogue with the others.

The knowledge of Scripture, the only rule of our faith and practice, is both basic and indispensable to healthy Christian discipleship. Therefore, through our Biblical Studies department, students will learn the contents of the English Bible and the basic principles for its sound interpretation, studying every book of the Bible and focusing on such key books as Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Romans, and Hebrews.

Confident, as we are, that God’s Word is unified and coherent in its teaching, we will help students understand the system of truth taught in Holy Scripture. Our Systematic Theology department will provide instruction in the doctrines essential to that system.

Finally, in our core curriculum, we will have our students study the history of the church and the history of ideas. Since at RBC we affirm God’s sovereignty in history, we will train our students through the Church History department to see the key figures, events, and ideas in the history of the Christian church as participants in “His story.” To make our students conversant with the history of ideas that has shaped the world within which the great theologians of the church have lived and written, we will introduce students to selected classic literary, philosophical, and musical works of the Western world through our Great Works department.
In all this, it will be the great goal of our professors to teach our students that only a discerning knowledge both of Holy Scripture and of historical and systematic theology makes possible a successful defense of the faith against the worldly philosophies of man.