The Blessedness of Confession

Posted On November 21, 2016

Reformation Bible College’s Dr. David Briones, professor of New Testament theology, recently spoke at chapel from Psalm 32 on the blessedness of confession. He encouraged the students to embrace confession as justified sinners and warned them to flee spiritual deception. It is unbelief that causes us to forget that our sins are forgiven, Dr. Briones said. “Forgetfulness is being blind to the promises of God.” Though we have been justified through Christ, our sin must still be mortified through sanctification. Refusing to admit to sin because of pride only leads to guilt, shame, and pain. When we confess our sin, we find a kind and loving God who promises to forgive us. Harboring sin and allowing it to take root in our hearts only makes us calloused toward the gospel and Jesus Christ. Although Dr. Briones concluded with the joy and blessedness of confession, he left the student body with a sobering question: “Why do you fear the humiliating process of confession before God more than God’s wrath?”