The B.A. Program in Biblical Studies

Posted On October 28, 2010

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies at Reformation Bible College is an undergraduate academic degree program designed for people who aspire to be pastors, missionaries, educators or who desire an education in biblical and theological studies.  The coursework in the Biblical Studies major covers not only the core curriculum in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Great Works, and Church History, but also provides a specialized curriculum in Biblical backgrounds, Biblical Theology, Biblical Greek, and Biblical Hebrew.

Here are some summaries of what you will learn in this program:

Biblical Studies – the content and background of Scripture with principles for its sound interpretation

Systematic Theology – the system of doctrine taught in Scripture

Great Works – the intellectual world within which the church’s great theologians have worked

Church History – the key people, events, and ideas in the history of the church

Biblical Theology – the progress of revelation from the “shadows” of the Old Testament to the “better things” of the New

Biblical Greek – preparation for exegesis of the New Testament in its original language

Biblical Hebrew – preparation for exegesis of the Old Testament in its original languages