Teachers, Churchmen, and Scholars

Posted On May 01, 2017

Dr. John Tweeddale describes the faculty’s commitment to the church, the classroom, and scholarship.

One of the great distinctive about Reformation Bible College is our faculty. We have a united faculty in that we speak with one voice as a faculty in the teaching of our students. So our faculty are committed churchmen. All of our faculty members are committed to the Westminster Confession of Faith as a summery of the Bible’s teaching. Our faculty members are also committed churchmen. They teach Sunday School classes, they preach and teach, and our students often go to churches where our faculty members attend. But our faculty are also committed to the classroom. Both inside and outside the class, they are constantly teaching, discipling, and mentoring our students. But then also our faculty are also committed scholars. They strive to produce scholarship that serves the people of God in understanding the truth of the reformed faith. And so our faculty are united in each one of these areas. So when students are studying Bible, theology, history, philosophy, or the great works our faculty are speaking with one voice: the truth of God’s word.

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