Study Groups Available with RBC Faculty

Posted On May 12, 2020

As the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) have resulted in the cancellation of many Bible studies, small groups, and Sunday school classes, study groups at Ligonier Connect can help you stay connected online.

Beginning the week of May 18, join one of our 6-week study groups moderated by Reformation Bible College faculty on Ligonier Connect. In these moderated courses, you’ll have the opportunity to grow with fellow Christians as you interact with study questions at your own pace and read contributions from the RBC faculty.

Try these study groups led by Reformation Bible College’s faculty:

Beginning Monday, May 18

Hath God Said? with R.C. Sproul

Moderated by Dr. John Tweeddale

Questions about the authority and trustworthiness of God’s words are as old as the garden of Eden. Christians need to know what they believe about the Bible. In this course, R.C. Sproul defends Scripture as the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God, helping us to boldly proclaim its truth to the world around us.

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Beginning Tuesday, May 19

Prayer with R.C. Sproul

Moderated by Dr. Ben Shaw and Mrs. Lynn Shaw

Christians have the privilege of communicating with the Creator and Sustainer of the universe—a privilege we too often neglect. In this course, R.C. Sproul shows us how to develop a faithful prayer life, demonstrating that intimate communication with God is at the heart of our relationship with Him.

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Beginning Wednesday, May 20

Pleasing God with R.C. Sproul

Moderated by Professor Anthony Salangsang

What higher satisfaction is there in knowing that what we do and think is pleasing to God? But how can we, as imperfect Christians, ever hope to please a perfect God? In this course, R.C. Sproul identifies the struggles that believers share in our lifelong pursuit of holiness and offers insights on how to overcome them.

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Study groups will remain free for the duration of these courses. Join a group today by clicking on one of the courses above.

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