Student Life at Reformation Bible College

Posted On April 03, 2017

Graham Gunden and Savannah Brenyo share how the student life at Reformation Bible College has made a lasting impact.


Savannah: “Student life at RBC looks different for every student, but for me, it has been clearly defined by the relationships that I’ve built here, both relationships with my professors and with the students have played a crucial role in my education. The professors, because of the small class size, are able to invest and disciple both me and my classmates.”

Graham: “We study hard, we work hard because knowing the truth of God is important, knowing the truth of God’s Word is important to us.”

S: “Not only have the professors played a huge role in and outside of the classroom, but my classmates are fantastic. The student body is not just my classmates, they’re not just my friends, they’re really my brothers and sisters. Who are both looking toward the ultimate goal of knowing God more and looking to articulate His Word to the world.”

G: “What’s really important is that Word of God has been ingrained in my mind and that has changed the way that I think, it has changed the way that I worship, it has changed the way I relate to people. So, the best part about being an RBC student is really having the Word of God in your mind, in your heart, and learning to serve Him and worship in that.”

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