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Posted On November 28, 2017

History is sometimes relegated to the days of the past as a simple part of early education, full of names, dates, battles (and so on) which bear no relevance to the modern day. In fact, statistics seem to indicate a general lack of historical knowledge or widespread apathy in our modern communities. Perhaps, this is the consequence of social relativism, but whatever the cause, this same outlook has slipped into the church. In recent research study from Ligonier Ministries entitled the “The State of Theology in America,” it was discovered that 41% of those polled either found little use in studying the documents of church history or were unsure of their importance at all.

However, as we learned during the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Dr. Stephen Nichols presents a different position, encouraging us to learn of and from the prolific figures of church history. In his series of short videos produced by Crossway, Dr. Nichols highlights the lives and ministries of several key contributors to the Reformation in addition to outlining some perspectives held by the Reformers. Overall, he points to the importance of increased historical learning, and he shows how history has impacted our modern times.

You can find the currently published videos and their corresponding articles here. But be on the lookout for for more great content from Dr. Nichols and Crossway, since more releases are in the works.

Here is Dr. Nichols’ latest video titled, Why You Should Teach Your Kids about the Reformation from Crossway.