RBC Staff Spotlight: Erin Shulfer, Manager of Admissions

Posted On September 14, 2023

As Reformation Bible College’s manager of Admissions, Erin Shulfer builds relationships with prospective students as they explore an RBC education. She leads campus tours, helps with Preview Day, and answers questions from students and their families.

We recently sat down with Miss Shulfer to ask her about her life, faith, and work at RBC.

Why do you enjoy working at RBC?

I enjoy working at RBC because when I was a student, I truly learned more about who God was. My RBC education has impacted the way that I read God’s Word, pray, and love the church. Working for RBC allows me to share my experience with others who want the same thing.

What aspect of working with prospective students do you find most rewarding?

The most rewarding aspect is seeing these students actually begin classes. I like to reflect on some of our first calls and then get to see them participate in the student body as they practice what they’re learning in the classroom.

How would you describe the community at RBC?

The community at RBC is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to stay after graduating. Until my time at RBC, I had never been part of such a close, tight-knit community that strives to glorify God. I appreciate all of the people who took time to shepherd and disciple me along the way.

What advice would you give to incoming RBC students?

I would advise them to make their devotional time with the Lord a priority. Your Bible is not just the textbook with the answers to your next quiz. It’s the Word of God, and it’s important to remind yourself why you’re here, especially when finals roll around.

How have you seen students mature in their walk with Christ while attending RBC?

I have noticed the students growing in dependence on the Lord, and that has really encouraged me.

When and how did you come to faith in Christ?

I never remember a time I didn’t know who Jesus was, and I would have considered myself a Christian, but it wasn’t until I was about twenty-two years old in the military when I understood the conviction of sin and repentance. I became hungry for God’s Word, and I just couldn’t get enough. A couple years later, I enrolled at RBC, and my knowledge of Him and His Word has been growing ever since. I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

What did you do before you came to RBC?

I was serving in the Air Force. Soon after that, I made the decision to apply to RBC.

What’s your favorite book of the Bible or favorite author?

I would have to say the book of Psalms.

Have you traveled overseas for missions? If so, where?

I’ve traveled to Nicaragua, where I helped build some infrastructure for a small Christian school, and I’ve also served at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Recently, I traveled to London to receive some evangelism training. We built some relationships with a large Muslim community to share the gospel.

What do you have a passion for?

I definitely have a passion for coffee.

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?

I enjoy CrossFit and hanging out with friends.

What activities do you enjoy doing in Florida?

I enjoy going to the beach and going to Buc-ees.

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