Putting Away Hypocrisy

Posted On October 21, 2016

As students are wrapping up midterm exams at Reformation Bible College, chapel met one more time before the much-needed Fall break. Dr. Steve Casselli, pastor of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tampa, Fla., taught on the dangers of hypocrisy. He warned, “The most dangerous form of self-deception is religious self-deception.”

To be a hypocrite is to say one thing and do another. Just like the self-righteous religious rulers in Paul’s day, we need to examine the spiritual state of our hearts and ask: How am I living and what am I living for? There is a difference between being a hypocrite and being a struggling sinner, but it is easy to have the appearance of righteousness without bearing fruit.

Dr. Casselli pointed out that we know how to play the game of persuading others that we are doing well spiritually, but it is also easy to deceive ourselves into thinking we are seeking God. Even as Bible college students, we can be self-seeking in our study of theology. The problem with the hypocrite is a matter of the heart. To avoid the dangers of hypocrisy, we need to consider our works and whom we are seeking.