Overcoming Our Apathy

Posted On January 21, 2017

While visiting Reformation Bible College for the 2017 Winter Conference, Dr. Michael J. Kruger also spoke at RBC’s weekly chapel service. His message was an exposition of Revelation 3:14–22, stressing the importance of overcoming spiritual apathy. “The fundamental problem with apathy,” Kruger stated, “is that it fails to see the greatness and glory of Christ.”

The problem with spiritual apathy is that it under-values its object, the Lord Jesus Christ. So how does one become apathetic toward God? Kruger states, “The primary cause of spiritual lukewarmness is arrogant self-sufficiency.” For reflection, he encouraged his listeners to ask this question: “What do I trust more than Christ to the point that I think I don’t need him as Savior?

The solution to apathy must be a right perception of self and God. We can easily convince ourselves that we are better than we actually are. Kruger warned, “Don’t be so easily pleased with things of the world. They may satisfy for a time, but true satisfaction can only be found in Christ.”