My name is Simone. I work for a software company, but knowing God comes first.

Posted On October 15, 2009

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Simone Caneparo isn’t your average student. At 49 years old, the native of Rome, Italy became a Christian in London in 2007. Ever since then, he’s had a desire to study God’s Word in a Bible College setting.

“The only options were online courses,” Says Simone. “With a series of events, the Lord brought me to Reformation Bible College (RBC), where I can attend live classes and interact with professors and fellow students.”

Having attended Scientific Lyceum in Rome and studied Architecture, today, Simone works as a Software Consultant in Florida, attending classes on his vacation time, working towards an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies.

After his studies at RBC, he plans to focus on ministry to his homeland. “God willing,” He says, “I would like to be ready to help bringing winds of reformation to Italy, either in person or through the e-media.”

Speaking on his experience at RBC so far, Simone says it’s “well over expectations.”

“The teaching is done by professors who are extremely competent and faithful servants of Christ,” he says. “What I found amazing is the teaching methods they use, that not only make us students learn the subjects; we also receive the knowledge to learn more and lessons in logic, in order to face the challenge that the demonic powers lay before us in constantly changing form and shape. I thank the Lord every single day for having had this majestic opportunity and the faculty and staff of RBC for their dedication.”

When asked for advice to those considering RBC, Simone says, “The doctrine of total depravity tells us that it is almost impossible to know the full truth in this fallen world. However, if you are seeking as much as you can of it, this is the right place.”