My Name is Michelle. I’m planning to be a writer, but knowing God comes first.

Posted On October 15, 2009

Michelle McIntyre is a writer, but more important to Michelle than her writing is knowing God. This means she doesn’t hold on too tight to her future, instead letting God be the lead. “I would like to do whatever the Lord calls me to,” says Michelle, “whether that means evangelism, writing, or being a godly wife and mother.”

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Michelle studied creative writing and biblical studies at another university before transferring to Reformation Bible College (RBC) to join our Degree Completion Program in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Though already studying at another college, when Michelle heard about RBC through the Ligonier website, she decided to apply. “I was really impressed with the school and thought it was best to let God open or close the door to attend,” she says. After a time of prayer, she felt God’s call to make the move to RBC.

“I chose RBC because of its stand for truth,” says Michelle. “To find a college that teaches biblical truth is rare, so when I found RBC, I knew I wanted to become a student. Overall though, it was God who lead me to RBC and showed me His will in bringing me here. I know RBC will help me with whatever God calls me to vocationally because a foundation in the Bible is applicable to all vocations and callings.”

Michelle says her experience at RBC has exceeded all her expectations, citing the ability to study under Godly professors and like-minded students as a huge plus. “What I enjoy most about the college,” she says, “is its integrity in standing for the truth. I am deeply thankful for this college and to each of the professors and staff members who have made RBC a reality.”

To those who are considering RBC for their college education, Michelle has some sage advice: “Pray and trust that God will lead you according to His will. I cannot imagine anyone regretting coming to RBC. It is for sure a place covered by God’s providence and blessing.”