My name is Lydon. I’m planning to start health clinics, but knowing God comes first

Posted On October 15, 2009

Lydon Post

Twenty-five year old Lydon Sipe graduated from Sipe Family Homeschool (“at the top of his class,” he adds) in 2006. After graduation, he dabbled in some college courses in economics and business, but never attended college officially.

Lydon chose to attend Reformation Bible College (RBC) after seeing Dr. Sproul Sr. in a promotional video for the college. “When he said that whatever you wish to succeed in get that knowledge of God that will help you in what God has for you,” he says. “I listened.”

Though he’s studying to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Lydon isn’t planning on being a pastor. “When I chose to go to RBC I was new to the Reformed faith, and I wanted to learn from the best,” he says. “My time here has been incredibly rewarding towards fulfilling my career goals. God’s word is the basis for any success we wish to have in life. I could not be more thrilled to be learning the Scriptures and applying them to everyday life.”

After graduation, Lydon has plans to run health clinics. “Me and my fiancé have large dreams for our future. Lord willing we will have our own health clinic where she can utilize her training in Equine Facilitated Wellness, and I can serve people through my passion for health and wellness. My training here at RBC will be useful for serving individuals that come to our clinic with spiritual needs, which is truly everyone.”

He also has a heart to serve orphans and widows, and he believes the foundation of God’s Word he gains at RBC will be valuable in that ministry. “I am praying how my love of the Scriptures and the pastoral training I gain here at RBC may be useful at the Rafiki Foundation serving orphans and widows around the world.”

“My experience [at RBC] has been one of the most rewarding times of my life,” says Lydon. “The knowledge of God I have learned, and the friends I have gained, are transforming my life. It is hard work here at RBC, reading the books and keeping up with assignments, but anything of value takes work, time, and effort.”

“The blessing of godly friends who hold the same love for the Word of God, is the most enjoyable thing here at RBC. It is a familial atmosphere because of the gracious faculty who are more than willing to spend time with me and just talk. Life is all about who you meet and who you know.”

To potential students considering RBC, Lydon says, “If you are looking for an atmosphere where your friends are serious about knowing God’s Word, and your professors are genuinely interested in you and helping you grow in grace, RBC is for you.”