My name is Henry. I want to be a pastor, but knowing God comes first.

Posted On October 15, 2009

RBC Profile Henry

Henry Oestreich from North Wales, Penn., obtained an associate’s degree from a community college and studied for a semester at another Bible college before he became discouraged there. “It wasn’t a great fit financially or theologically,” he says, “so I began looking for another school.” Searching the internet for a reformed Bible college, Reformation Bible College was one of the top results. “I chose to attend RBC because of its commitment to the Reformed tradition.” Henry came to RBC in the fall of 2013 and is enrolled in the two-year Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies degree completion program.

He hasn’t regretted his decision. “I love RBC! It’s the most difficult school I’ve attended, academically, but it’s the most uplifting spiritually. The professors here are all amazing, wise, godly men who care for me, both on the academic level and on the personal, spiritual level.” He has also seen that the size of the school has enabled him to develop unique friendships with fellow students. “With fewer than one hundred students, we are able to get to know each other easily. I have quickly become good friends with everyone here, and we’re able not only to work and study together, but play sports and worship together.”

While he senses a call to pastoral ministry, Henry doesn’t see his education at RBC as mere training for a career, but something that will enrich every aspect of his life. “RBC is fundamentally shaping my Christian worldview from the Reformed tradition. It is teaching me how to study and how to write, how to think and how to act.”

To those considering RBC, Henry says this: “This school has a different personality than any other school. It has a warm and inviting personality that, from what I can see, no other school can offer. The work is hard – very hard – but the time that you put into it will not be wasted. It will enhance your love for the Scriptures and deepen your knowledge of the Lord.”