Mary Lynn: Why We Chose Reformation Bible College

Posted On April 06, 2017

Mary Lynn shares why she and her husband chose Reformation Bible College to further prepare their daughter for the future.


My name is Mary Lynn Spear. We had followed Ligonier and R.C. Sproul probably for a good 30 years before our children came to the point where they were making a decision for their college career. Our daughter was planning on going to another school. We came down and set in on a couple of classes and were just blown away by the caliber of professors that we heard, and what they were talking about and the way it applied to real life. It was a fantastic visit. She loved her time here, loved her professors. They’re really living out what they have taught in class, and as they live it out and communicate not only verbally but also by their very lives what they’re teaching, it really comes alive for the students. It’s a phenomenal opportunity and rich beyond anything that I could have imagined. The truths that are taught here have a particular way of transcending some of the details of our lives—I think that weigh us down—the truths taught about who we are in Christ really have an ability to transform our thinking to raise us to a higher level of understanding about our place in this world. This community has something special that no place else in the country offers.

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