Make the Most of Your Spring Break

Posted On March 09, 2021

Written by David Wooten, director of student services at Reformation Bible College, and RBC Study Center tutors.

During the semester, classes, homework, and work tend to pile up—and it seems as though spring break can’t come soon enough. Spring break thus serves as an important time of the semester during which you can forget about classes, spend time resting with family, catch up with course work, or just take a moment to catch your breath.

Here are some tips from the RBC study tutors on how to have a balanced approach to spring break.

  1. Take time off. When you regulate your spring break between rest and study, be sure to set aside specific days for resting and spending time with family. It is important to not merely set aside specified time within a day, but to set aside an entire day for recuperation.

  2. Set aside specified time for homework. When establishing times to do homework, make sure to fully dedicate that time for homework rather than going between work and rest throughout the day.

  3. Catch up on sleep. Most students attempt to balance sleep, social life, and grades during the semester. Use spring break to catch up on lost sleep.

  4. Set specific and realistic goals for homework. It is important to set specific goals for what you want to get done during spring break. Try working on larger projects that are more difficult to dedicate time to during the rest of the semester; or get several weeks ahead in weekly homework in a class or two. Regardless of how you do this, it is vital that your goals remain realistic.

  5. Do something fun. During the semester, it's often challenging to find time to do those things we enjoy outside the classroom. Take time during spring break to do things that you take enjoyment in and make you feel refreshed.