Jeanna Will: A Freshman Student’s Perspective

Posted On December 12, 2016

Every Christian at some point must take personal ownership of his identity in Christ. I took this step when I enrolled at Reformation Bible College. My time at RBC has given me not only the opportunity to learn and grow in the classroom, but to bear fruit spiritually as well. Under the capable teaching of the professors at Reformation Bible College, I have felt my hunger for God and His Word grow.

In my freshman year, a class on the theology of the New Testament helped shape my perspective on the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises while demonstrating how completely Christ permeates all the Scriptures, not just the New Testament. I told my family during Christmas break that in just one semester I had learned more than I ever thought I would in four years. Through the guidance and perseverance of the staff and faculty, my knowledge of God’s Word and my relationship with Him has blossomed. Though the prospect of spending the majority of your nights reading through Leviticus or researching the church fathers might seem daunting, I have found that the intensive study of all realms of God’s Word and work is incredibly enlightening.

The main thing I have taken away from my time so far at Reformation Bible College is that while it is a challenging course load, the genuine care and support that the faculty and staff show for each student far surpasses the rigor of the work. The close community at RBC fosters many lifelong friendships, making the move to Sanford, Florida, an easy one. Additionally, the school is very intent on making sure the students are involved in local churches. While time spent in the classrooms and at student events offers good teaching and close fellowship with other believers, the most important time is on Sunday mornings while being fed by the Word during corporate worship.

Reformation Bible College is a school that is intent on furthering each student’s relationship with God while teaching us the fundamentals for building a biblically strong foundation. I have been incredibly blessed by my time here, and I am excited and encouraged as I look forward to the next three years.