How to Make the Most of Your Summer Job

Posted On July 07, 2021

Written by David Wooten, director of student services at Reformation Bible College.

As you take a break from classes during the summer months, you will likely engage in travel, gather with friends, participate in ministry projects and mission trips, spend quality time with family, and work summer jobs. As many businesses are hiring now, it has rarely been easier to find summer employment. The following suggestions may help you make the most of time spent working this summer.

Grow your network of relationships during your summer job.

In the years that follow your college experience, you will enter the marketplace and launch into your career. As you begin to explore the job market, it may be helpful to know that college graduates often rely upon the relationships they have made to connect them with the right companies, job openings, and hiring managers to obtain employment interviews. Whether working part-time for an hourly wage or at a full-time salaried position, summer jobs can help you connect with people who can open doors of introduction and opportunity in the future. Utilize time spent in summer jobs to cultivate relationships with business owners, managers, supervisors, and colleagues.

Explore career paths.

Some summer jobs may provide you with experience in your chosen career path. However, many times, summer jobs seem disconnected from what you might want to do as a career after college. No matter the job, you can investigate various career paths by observing and learning about various roles and departments in the businesses in which you work. You can take advantage of learning about human resources, finance, and management, as well as other roles and positions in the company. You may gain exposure to jobs you are well suited for, but never knew existed. Summer jobs can be a way God clarifies your call to a future career.

Use income from summer jobs to save for college and living expenses.

Summer is a great time to pick up extra hours of employment. It would be wise to take whatever income you can and save it for any expenses you will incur during the school year. Any savings you can accumulate from working summer jobs will help alleviate the pressure of having to meet financial obligations during the semester while trying to focus on your studies.

Increase knowledge and hone skills.

Working summer jobs offers multiple ways to gain knowledge that can equip you to be an excellent employee in the years to come. This knowledge may generally relate to business philosophy and best practices. It may be directly connected to a specific occupation. In addition, you can grow in your skills and abilities to perform tasks. These tasks may include technical skills or “soft skills” related to communication, leadership, teamwork, work ethic, problem solving, decision making, and other abilities that you can employ in whatever field you choose to enter as a career.

Provide a witness and leave an impression on others for the sake of the gospel.

Regardless of where you work or the job you perform, you can have an influence upon others by sharing a gospel witness and living as a godly example in the workplace. Doing your job with all your might as unto the Lord brings honor to Christ and impacts colleagues who interact with you and watch your Christian example. Summer jobs can have an eternal impact when you are faithful to reflect the Lord in your conduct and character.

This article was written by David Wooten, director of student services at Reformation Bible College.