Breaking Ground and Maintaining a Vision

Posted On March 15, 2017


On March 8, 2017, Dr. R.C. Sproul broke ground for a new Student Learning Center at Reformation Bible College (RBC). This event not only inaugurated the construction of a building that will provide the faculty and students with much needed study space, a library, and more lecture halls, but also marked a significant step in the life of an institution that strives to lay a solid foundation in the hearts and lives of its students.

Professors, donors, students, and pastors—around two hundred people in all—gathered in a field behind the school to watch Dr. Sproul break ground. Colleges wax and wane, ideas come and go, but by the grace of God Ligonier Ministries has committed to preserve the faith once-delivered for coming generations, even centuries. As Dr. Nichols, the president of RBC, declared on that landmark evening, “We will keep the faith.”

From its founding, Ligonier Ministries has sought to bridge the gap between Sunday school and seminary. Yet the pursuit of truth is not merely waged by pastors or academics, and RBC affirms that fields as varied as ethics, theology, apologetics, history, and literature should be approached preeminently out of a love for Christ and with a desire to acknowledge His lordship in every pursuit.

In the rooms of RBC, the Word of God is both examined and reverenced. Rigorous studies are pursued with the acknowledgment that true wisdom is found in the fear of the Lord. The comment of one student encapsulates well the entire institution: “I have learned that Jesus my Savior is far more glorious and good than I ever imagined.”

In this year when the Reformation is celebrated around the globe, we cling to the same truths that caused the Reformers to stand against the corruptions of a church gone astray. We do so soberly, reminded that the hearts of all men are sinful, and that the pursuit of truth is a fight waged anew by every generation. As Dr. Sproul has said, “The same God who brought the Reformation in the sixteenth century is still at work today. His plan has not changed, and what He has purposed for His glory and our good will be accomplished.”

What better way to live in light of God and His Word than by coming to better understand His ways?

Above all, know God.

Construction of the Reformation Bible College Student Learning Center is slated to begin this summer, and we would like to extend our warmest gratitude to the generous Ligonier donors who have made this expansion possible.

Simona Spear is a graduate of Reformation Bible College and serves in the communications department at Ligonier Ministries.