Forgetting God

Posted On March 29, 2017

In chapel recently, Dr. John Tweeddale, Academic Dean of Reformation Bible College and Professor of Theology, taught from the hard yet hopeful book of Judges. Judges warns us of threats within: forgetful and disobedience hearts. In Judges 2:6–16; 3:7–11, the root cause of Israel’s rebellion was their forgetfulness. Failure to remember God’s Word is not a small sin. It leads to disobedience which is evil in God’s eyes. As Dr. Tweeddale said, “Sin lessens the luster of God’s name and glory.” Like the Israelites, we can know our theology and study God’s word, but if we disregard it and fail to take it into account, we do not love God or find His Word attractive. Forgetfulness of God ends in judgement, yet there is hope beyond our sinfulness. To overcome our forgetfulness, God sends His Spirit-anointed Servant to deliver His people. “Sin is not shocking,” Tweeddale stated, “God’s grace is shocking.” Our forgetfulness should be an occasion for repentance and a reminder for us to look to God.

— Karlie Bigham is a student at Reformation Bible College.