Don’t Be Late: Space is Limited at Reformation Bible College

Posted On December 09, 2010

Space is limited, and time’s a-wastin’!

Deadlines are rapidly approaching for submitting your application for admission to one of Reformation Bible College’s programs.  Early applications (for priority review) are due January 1, 2011; regular applications, February 15; late applications, April 1.

RBC is looking for students excited to accept the challenge of a rigorous education focusing on the study of Scripture in the context of historic Christian orthodoxy.

While we encourage anyone to apply for enrichment and development, our programs serve especially those preparing for graduate education (in seminary or otherwise), those who want a solid foundation in Bible and theology before further college education, and those who desire to finish the college education they began elsewhere.

We also want to hear from you if you’re taking some time off before going to college or before starting a new career.  Consider “Gap Year Studies” at RBC.  Apply as a Special Student and take one or more of our courses, for credit or as an auditor.  If you decide to pursue a degree at RBC, the courses you take for credit can be counted toward that degree.

Don’t wait, though.  Space is limited, and time’s a-wastin’!  So, apply today by visiting to download and complete the RBC Undergraduate Application!