Construction Has Begun

Posted On January 30, 2018

Construction of the new Student Learning Center at Reformation Bible College has begun. This is a very exciting time in RBC’s history, and we are glad to be sharing this moment with you. The building of this new facility is a testament to the support we received over the course of Ligonier’s Here We Stand campaign.

We trust you are able to join us in March for Ligonier’s National Conference so that you can see and hear about the construction progress. As you know, the college was very dear to R.C.’s heart and much on his mind these last few years. I vividly remember how excited he was at the ceremonial groundbreaking. He was looking forward to the construction beginning on this new building. Now, it has started.

While we enjoy watching the construction of the building and the transformation of our campus, we will far more enjoy filling that new building with students. We are committed to educating this next generation in the knowledge of God and His holiness, discipling young men and women as they prepare to serve God in every area of life. Our admissions team works hard to recruit students who will thrive here, and our faculty and staff are diligent to see that our students will graduate equipped and prepared to impact the world for Christ. We offer many of these students need-based and merit-based scholarships so that they can study God’s Word and the timeless truth of theology.

Please continue to pray for us here at RBC, that this good work that God began through His servant, R.C. Sproul, would bear much fruit for generations to come. There is not a need for just another college. There is, however, an urgent need for a college built on the foundation of God’s Word and dedicated to the pursuit of the good, the true, and the beautiful. There is a need for a college with a laser focus on discipling students to know and love God above all else and to serve God in every area of life. Thank you for partnering with us.