Caring for Students Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

Posted On April 17, 2017

Dr. David Briones describes the learning and discipleship that takes place both inside and outside the classrooms of Reformation Bible College.

A wonderful advantage of being a professor at a small college is that I get to care for students both outside and inside the classroom. Outside the classroom, I have the tremendous joy of having a group of guys over every single week where we get together on my back porch. We talk about theology, we talk about the life of the church, we talk about even personal struggles and pray for one another. It’s a great time to be able to take off the tie and sports coat and put on my favorite soccer jersey and basketball shorts and have meaningful, raw conversations. And that time is really meaningful outside the classroom because the struggles they have that distract their thinking they bring into the classroom. So from a teaching standpoint, it’s helpful to know what’s going on in their lives so that I know better how to communicate God’s Word. Not in a way that just equips the mind, but in a way that enlivens the heart. In a way that communicates the truth of the gospel to their particular situations and hopefully, by God’s Word and Spirit, be able to live lives that are glorifying to God.

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