Audience Members Needed for New Ligonier Teaching Series

Posted On May 29, 2014

Ligonier Ministries needs audience members for two new teaching series being taught by Rev. Danny Hyde and Dr. RC Sproul Jr. on July 10th & 11th, and July 14th & 15th, 2014, respectively, here on the Ligonier campus in the administration building. Rev. Hyde will deliver 12 lectures on “God in our Midst” drawing from the tabernacle narratives, and his schedule will be 10a to noon and 2p to 4p on Thursday & Friday, 7/10&11. Dr. Sproul Jr. will refresh the content of his series “Bound for Glory”, which relates to the bible and family, and his schedule will be 10a to noon, and 2p to 4p on Monday, 7/14, then 1p to 3p on Tuesday, 7/15. Lunch will be provided to participants. Space will be limited, so please call soon if you are available or interested. You need not be present for all sessions, but you’ll need to stay for the duration of each session that you agree to attend. Call 407-333–4244 and leave your name and contact info with the Ligonier receptionist.