Academic Life at RBC

Posted On October 24, 2016

If you told me that Reformation Bible College (RBC) has been found to have the most rigorous theological program of any Bible college in the country, I would not be surprised. I am biased, but I also have my experience of the past three years. My college career has tested me in many, many ways. However, I can’t think of a better reward than the knowledge of God and His Word that one receives here.

I have seen several classes of freshmen, all with different types of people. Hailing from public and private schools or homeschooled, humble and proud, loud and quiet—they all come to this institution to learn about the Lord. The work is challenging and humbling. Students who come here will have to come face-to-face with their limitations. That is the nature of theological education. They will learn how much work they can do and they will find areas in which their doctrine is in error.

One of the best aspects of RBC is that its academics serve a purpose. The professors are not concerned with making intellectual elites who can win any debate. They recognize that theology is to be used for God’s glory and the benefit of his church. They will quickly tell you that “orthodoxy should lead to orthopraxy.” The doctrine that I have learned here has led particularly to greater appreciation for and reverence during Sunday worship. I can give no higher praise of a faculty than that they teach doctrine for the love of the church and God. My professors certainly do just that.

— Zachary Johnson is a Senior at Reformation Bible College.