A New Book from Dr. Nichols

Posted On January 16, 2017

RBC President, Dr. Stephen J. Nichols, recently published A Time for Confidence: Trusting God in a Post-Christian Society. We caught up with him to ask a few questions.

RBC: Why did you write this book?

Dr. Nichols: We are living in challenging and confusing times. Some in our day are responding by caving in and giving up long held beliefs in order to get along with the new normal of culture. Others may seek a cave into which they can simply hide. I wrote this book to say this is a time for confidence, but our confidence must be in the right thing.

RBC: And what is that right thing?

Dr. Nichols: Well, there’s nothing new or trendy here. These issues we are facing today are not political or social or cultural. The challenges are theological and they require theological solutions. We must put our confidence in God, in the Bible, in Christ, and in the gospel. This cultural change we are witnessing could very well serve to remind us not to trust in princes and not to trust in chariots—to use biblical expressions. Instead, may we trust God. His kingdom is unshakeable.

RBC: What would you say to the upcoming generation as they think of the world in which they will live?

Dr. Nichols: I would say we are locked in a battle, in a struggle of eternal significance. But don’t be discouraged, and certainly don’t lose heart. Instead, be encouraged. Be men and women of confidence and of conviction. That is exactly what our age—and what every age—needs. Chris Larson, the President and CEO of Ligonier Ministries, has said that the future belongs to Christians of conviction. That is our calling.