2019 Winter Conference: The Heaven’s Declare

Posted On January 22, 2019

On Monday, Reformation Bible College (RBC) hosted its 2019 Winter Conference, The Heaven’s Declare, to over three hundred attendees in Sanford, Fla., at Saint Andrew’s Chapel.   It’s amazing what Paul can see when he goes to Athens. He doesn’t see statues, he sees worldviews; he doesn’t see Athenians, he sees people in desperate need of the gospel. —Dr. Stephen Nichols

In the opening session, “No Mute Facts,” RBC President Dr. Stephen Nichols introduced the theme of the Winter Conference. Dr. Nichols spoke on general revelation, how it points us to God, and, therefore, how everything we encounter in His world—every fact—cries out that there is a Creator. Contrary to the worldviews that deny God’s existence and insist that reality does not or cannot point to a Creator, the Christian worldview acknowledges that creation is a road sign to God.  To be notified when Dr. Nichols’ session is posted on our Youtube channel, subscribe today.     If Paul had an evangelistic ambition, it was to take the gospel of Christ to the center of the known world and to plant it there right in Caesar’s face. —Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

In the next session, “The Sense of the Divine,” Dr. Sinclair Ferguson spoke on the innate sense that God exists that humans are born with. John Calvin describes this as the sensus divinitatis, or “sense of divinity.” Scripture corroborates this idea, and this session will describe how we are to understand our faith and the world in relation to our innate sense of the divine. To be notified when Dr. Ferguson’s session is posted on our Youtube channel, subscribe today RBC faculty members then led respective breakout sessions on how God reveals Himself in nature, what that means for our culture, and how we can apply this knowledge as Christians.  

Before the world began, an infinite, personal God existed; Someone was there. —Dr. John Tweeddale  Academic Dean and Professor of Theology Dr. John Tweeddale spoke on the legacy of John Owen and the knowledge he had of general revelation. To be notified when Tweeddale’s session is posted on our Youtube channel, subscribe today.   The Belgic Confession speaks of God’s creation as “a most elegant book” through which God reveals Himself. —Dr. Keith Mathison

Professor of Systematic Theology Dr. Keith Mathison spoke on how the Psalms inform our doctrine of general revelation. To be notified when Dr. Mathison’s session is posted on our Youtube channel, subscribe today.  

Paul is a man whose provocation turned to proclamation. —Dr. David Briones

Professor of New Testament Dr. David Briones provided an overview of Paul’s speech to the Athenians in Acts 17 and what this passage of Scripture can tell us about general revelation.       The suppression of the truth is the working out through human history of the fall and its consequences. It affects all humanity. —Dr. Albert Mohler

In the next session, Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke on how Scripture tells us that people suppress the truth in unrighteousness—that our sin blinds us to the reality of God and His righteousness. This session described the ways that we suppress the truth in our culture and how Christians can stand for the truth in our context. To be notified when Dr. Mohler’s session is posted on our Youtube channel, subscribe today. In our last session, Drs. Albert Mohler, Sinclair Ferguson, and Stephen Nichols answered questions from attendees on special and general revelation, apologetics, and other topics. To be notified when this panel session is posted on our Youtube channel, subscribe today. For more information about our college, visit ReformationBibleCollege.org.