August 11

How to Handle Disagreements with My Teachers

Written by Dr. Keith Mathison, professor of systematic theology With the enormous array of topics discussed throughout the course of a Bible college education...
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August 09

RBC Spotlight: Professor Levi Berntson, Instructor in Theology

As our new instructor in theology, Professor Berntson will teach on-campus courses in Bible and theology and will also provide academic support for our online...
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August 08

RBC Spotlight: Dr. Christopher Cleveland, Associate Professor of Christian Thought

Dr. Cleveland brings extensive teaching and ministry experience to RBC as our new associate professor of Christian thought. He most recently served as a humani...
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July 19

To What Extent Should I Put My Trust in Science?

Written by Dr. Keith Mathison, professor of systematic theology In the most general sense, the word “science” means knowledge. However, as the\_ Oxford Englis...
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July 14

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian in the Modern World?

Written by Dr. Stephen Nichols, president and professor of apologetics Consider these words of encouragement: “Let us be comforted under the present dark circ...
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June 27

Two New Professors Join the RBC Faculty

By God’s grace, RBC continues to grow. As we anticipate the 2022–2023 academic year, we look forward to opening our new on-campus residence hall, receiving our...
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