October 13

Musings on Hermeneutics

I get to teach Biblical Hermeneutics (i.e., how to study the Bible) here at RBC. I enjoy teaching all of my classes, but Hermeneutics is certainly one of my fa...

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October 27

What Books Should I Read to Prepare for RBC?

Several times a year, we have student preview days at Reformation Bible College. Almost inevitably, someone will r...

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January 12

The Character of a Theologian

When I was in seminary I read a little booklet _On the Character of a True Theologian(https://www.academia.edu/1847249/Herman_Witsius_On_the_Character_of_a_T...

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March 20

An Interview with Kevin DeYoung

*During the 2018 Ligonier National Conference, RBC student Isaac interviewed ...

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July 19

Understanding Tolkien’s Middle-Earth

Over the course of the last semester, I had the pleasure of teaching a class on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien as an elective in RBC’s Great Works department. It ...

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May 06

Why Reformation Bible College Exists

<p><a href="https://reformationbiblecollege.org/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Reformation Bible College</a> (RBC) is unique, and its mission is u...
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