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Posted On September 08, 2021

Written by Dr. Keith Mathison, professor of systematic theology at Reformation Bible College

Most colleges offer a large number of bachelor programs. Reformation Bible College is not most colleges. We offer one. We do this because Reformation Bible College has a very focused purpose. We do not attempt to do everything. We attempt to do one thing, and, by God’s grace, to do it well. We attempt to serve students who have a very specific goal in mind.

The flagship program at Reformation Bible College is the Bachelor of Arts in Theology. The standard four-year program is a 120-credit hour program with core courses in hermeneutics, biblical theology, Bible survey, systematic theology, church history, apologetics, communication, and the great works of literature. The Bible survey classes are spread over seven semesters and cover the entirety of the Bible, with one semester entirely devoted to the book of Romans. There are seven semesters of systematic theology and six semesters of Great Works. In addition to the core courses, students may choose from two majors: Biblical Studies or Christian Thought.

Students who choose the Biblical Studies major will take the same core courses that all students take in this bachelor program. In addition, they will undergo training in the original languages. They will take three semesters of Koine Greek, three semesters of biblical Hebrew, and an advanced biblical exegesis class. Students who choose the Biblical Studies major will also take courses on the Ancient Near Eastern World and the Greco-Roman World in order to help them better understand the historical context of Scripture.

An accelerated version of the Biblical Studies major is available for students planning to enter seminary after Bible college. In this program, the student completes 90 credit hours at Reformation Bible College before enrolling in one of our partner seminaries. At the seminary, the student will complete another 90 credit hours. The first 30 of those hours are applied to the RBC degree. At the end of six years, the successful student will earn the B.A. degree and an M.Div. degree.

Students who choose the Christian Thought major take the core courses of the bachelor program. These students also take three additional courses in historical theology and three additional courses in philosophy. A number of electives are also available for those who desire to add the biblical languages to their course of study or who want more flexibility to take a variety of courses across the curriculum.

To learn more about these programs, to view the academic catalog, or to begin your application, we encourage you to visit our Academics page.

Dr. Keith Mathison is professor of systematic theology at Reformation Bible College.

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