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From Reformation Bible College | February 5, 2013

Reformation Bible College is testing another online course this Spring, 2013. As Reformation Bible College develops and grows, we desire to make some courses and materials available to students who are unable to move to central Florida. These courses make use of Reformation Bible College’s online learning system, which incorporates recorded video/audio lectures, reading assignments, and discussion forums.  These courses will be facilitated by a RBC faculty member.

Being online, there are no set days or times for class meetings, the online system enables student access to all assignments and study material, as well as provides the vehicle by which they interact with their teacher and classmates.  Students should view the course as running in terms of eight weeks as opposed to days on a calendar. All homework, tests, and quizzes are due on Saturday of each week, leaving Sundays for rest. As a test course, we anticipate that there will be rough edges, but are excited to begin the process of putting our courses online.

Course:  CH101-O, Church to the Reformation  APPLY ONLINE

Overview:  The Church to the Reformation course is the first of two Church History courses in RBC’s curriculum. This course provides a study of Christianity from late first century to early 16th century AD ending with the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation.


This Course covers the history of the early church beginning with the Post-Apostolic period, circa. 100 AD and ending with the early Reformation period, early 16th century AD.  Particular focus will be on the people and on the internal and external events/issues throughout time that impacted the early church.  Additionally, this course will focus on the truth that God’s providence reigns supreme in the events of history.

Objectives:  The successful student, having engaged, studied, and learned the material, will be:

  • Encouraged in their Christian walk by seeing God’s providence worked out in the early church.
  • Provided a solid background in Ancient and Medieval Church History useful for the education of others.

Credit:  This course is worth (3) three college credits from Reformation Bible College.

Course dates:  Monday, March 25, 2013 – Saturday, May 18th, 2013 (8 weeks).

Cost:  The future cost of similar online courses could be approximately $540 ($180/credit hour), however, because this will be a test we would like to offer the course FREE for new dual enrollment students (students still in high school who have never taken a free class from RBC) and $300 ($100/credit hour) for everyone else.  Additionally, students will need to pay a $35 application fee (new students only) and $35 technology fee for Reformation Bible College’s online campus.


The Story of Christianity (complete two volumes in one binding), Justo L. Gonzalez ISBN: 9781565635227

Facilitator:  Professor Steven Adamson

How to Apply:  To get started you will need to fill out a short request form in order to begin the online application.  APPLY ONLINE

You can submit your $35 application fee by mail or pay by credit card via phone.

Mail: Reformation Bible College, Attention Heidi Zeller, 421 Ligonier Court, Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: 888-RBC-1517

A completed application must be received no later than Friday, March 8th, 2013. Please note: While the application is short and won’t require too much time, you will need to provide a church reference and high school transcripts. Please plan accordingly to meet the application deadline of March 8th. Accepted students must register and pay tuition and technology fees no later than March 15th, 2013.

Questions?  Contact Heidi Zeller by calling 888-RBC-1517 or by emailing hzeller@reformationbiblecollege.org.




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